Midnight Confessions - True Stories of Adultery

Men Who Cheat
Women Who Cheat
Other Women and Other Men
Virtual Love, Virtual Lies
Why Do Lovers Cheat?
Infidelity Q&A:

Will adultery happen if everything is right in the marriage?
Would an open marriage have kept your spouse (or you) from being unfaithful?
Why did you suspect your spouse was having an affair?
When you suspected your spouse was cheating, how did you gather evidence of the affair?
How did you handle the confrontation with your spouse once you had proof of infidelity?
Why wouldn't you think you had the right to demand that he or she stop other relationships if they made you uncomfortable?
Is it adultery if neither person is married or if there is no sexual relationship?
Could you, or did you, turn a blind eye to your spouse's affair in the hope it would end on its own?
Did you keep your spouse's affair "your little secret" or did you confide in others?
Do men and women cheat for different reasons?
Is it possible to trust a spouse after they have betrayed you?
Can men and women ever be "just friends"?
What questions would you like your spouse to answer about their betrayal?
Were the two of you able to discuss the affair and then work to repair your marriage?
Was it your fault your spouse cheated?
Which came first, the adultery, or marital problems that ended with adultery?
How much damage has the affair done to you?
Dialogue with an Unfaithful Husband
Final Thoughts
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Midnight Confessions:
True Stories of Adultery

What causes a husband or wife to cheat? Does the cheater feel remorse? Is adultery the fault of the betrayed spouse? Can a marriage survive adultery? Is it better to confront a cheating spouse or keep silent and hope the affair will end on its own?

In an attempt to find answers to some of the most painful questions about adultery, author Pat Gaudette asked people who were involved in adulterous relationships to share their stories. Her book, Midnight Confessions: True Stories of Adultery, contains stories from betrayed spouses, betrayers, and the third person in adulterous relationships.

In a private adultery forum, a small group of participants responded to specific questions and agreed that their responses could be included in this book. Most of the participants were betrayed spouses, a few were the betrayer or other person.

Finally, a man who is currently involved in a long term relationship agreed that the email exchange between he and Pat Gaudette could be included in the book.

So, why do husbands and wives cheat? There is no one answer but reading this book and the words of those who chose to share their stories may give you some new insight into this very painful subject.

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